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¡Nueva Tienda de Intercambio de Jade Melocotón!

Tiempo: 2020-09-08 13:44 Fuente: Funcionario Visita:


Long term


Fairy Maria at TwinCity(342,398)

The mysterious Fairy Maria came to TwinCity. She favorite gift is Peach jade. If the heroes have this item in your bag, you can exchange a lot of gifts with her!


Peach Jade

Peach jade is a brand new treasure. Using Lunar Lottery Ticket will guide heroes to find it. When you try luck, you can freely choose to get rewards or Peach Jade. 

Click Treasures - Small Lottery Ticket - Mt. Kunlun know more details.


Exhcnage Shop

When heroes get Peach jade, you can exchange rewards with Maria Fairy.

In other words, heroes no longer have to worry about getting rewards you don't like. You can directly exchange the rewards for peach jade and then redeem them for any items you like!
The treasures brought by the fairy Maria are constantly being updated. If the heroes have favorite treasures, please feel free to give your opinions! 
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